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Natural Attractions

The spring of Tolminka

13925132_m If you are vacationing in these parts, then you simply must take the time to see the spring of the Tolminka river, one of the largest karstic waters in Slovenia. The latter originates in several places at the foot of Mount Osojnica, and its springs are considered some of the most important springs in the alpine karst. The beautiful sight of springs, appearing from under the rocks, which cover the foundations of a former glacier, is something, which will not leave anyone cold. During high waters, the springs also appear above the mountain path to Planina pod Osojnico. Visiting the Tolminka springs should be a "must do" on the list of your adventures.

Tolmin Gorges

35110090_m The lowest entry point to the Triglav National Park and at the same time one of the most beautiful around, are certainly the Tolmin gorges, which pass through the gorges of Zadlaščica and Tolminka. In the Tolmin gorges, every visitor is impressed by the beautiful landscape. The bear's head (wedged rock), the 60 m high Devil's Bridge above the river Tolminka, and Dante's cave are only a few of the sights in the gorges which make the excursion there unforgettable.

Koseč Gorges

An exceptional result of the nature's activity are certainly the Koseč gorges, which are down to 60 m deep, wild and more difficult to reach. They are located under Koseč, the path starts in the village Koseč near Drežnica. On the way to the Kosešč gorges, you can, among other things, also see the church of St. Just, the Sopotnik brook with waterfalls, and other sights that will excite you.

Stone Mushroom

Many curious views are attracted by the stone mushroom, which is located below the village of Krn and is one of the most beautiful geomorphologic phenomena of its kind in Slovenia. The legend goes that, in the past, the water deity vodešc had chosen the stone mushroom under Krn. Vodešc is supposed to be the protector of all those born on full moon and whenever they needed help, they had to visit the stone mushroom at dawn, throw three stones at it, and state their wishes. The story itself is interesting, but is it true? Who knows. Let this mystery be the cause for the visit of the stone mushroom - you will not regret it!

Rut Linden

One of the most majestic trees in the country, an old linden with a circumference of more than 8 m, can be found in the mountain village of Rut, which is located above Baška grapa and ranks among one of the most beautiful and most idyllic mountain villages that surrender to the sun on the terraces high above the valleys The rivers Soča, Bača or Idrijca.

Kozjak Waterfall

32343797_m Kozjak waterfall in its full, majestic size, can be found at the mouth of the Kozjak brook. The waterfall has dug an elongated underground hall where you can comfortably cool down in the summer months. The most picturesque Slovenian waterfall is located not far from Kobarid, and there is a walking path leading to it, which winds above the channel of the Soča River. It's definitely worth a visit!

"Across the bridge for wisdom and onto the bridge for strength"

Once you are in Tolmin, you must definitely visit the famous Most na Soči, which represents the heart of the Soča valley. The most famous sight in Most na Soči is certainly a lake, which is often also a venue for free dives, but you can spend the day in an ethnological museum, on a stroll along the Soča or the surrounding villages, or you can stop just for a delicious lunch.

Soča - Emerald Beauty

48449864_m The name "emerald beauty" was given to Soča due to its emerald colour, which reflects the awakening of life and renewal. Transparent green light, purity, peace and refreshment are the associations we get when we think of this beautiful river. The Soča River is definitely a place where every visitor will find his inner peace, relax and enjoy the natural beauties it offers. "You are splendid, limpid daughter of the heights, You are graceful in your natural beauty," is a sentence used by poet Simon Gregorčič in his poem, and this is certainly true.

River Nadiža

The river of turquoise blue and torrential character is one of the warmest and cleanest rivers on the sunny side of the Alps. Nadiža is a paradise for swimmers as well as for fishermen, as trout, rainbow trout and grayling reign in it. Since bathing tourism has developed in the last year, parking lots have been arranged in the immediate vicinity of the river. From the past, rumours have been preserved that Nadiža has healing powers, making it even more popular among bathers.

Baška Grapa

Baška grapa is a 30 km long valley of the Bača River, which is, more precisely, located between the Idrijca River and Petrovo Brdo. The breath-taking gorges are carved between the peaks of the alpine edge, and those peaks above Baška grapa are a true paradise for hikers, trekkers, as well as fans of mountain flowers and botanists. Several sacral monuments can be found in the gorge, while the special feature of the gorge is also a railway from 1906. This area is also home to the thickest tree in Slovenia, the linden in Rut, which measures as much as 8 meters in diameter. The natural attraction in this valley, which is especially impressive for visitors, is the beautiful Sopot waterfall, which measures as much as 66 meters.

Energy Paths in the Soča and Tolminka Valleys

Numerous paths with energy points and water springs can be found by the river Soča, on which you will be able to connect with the energy of nature, drink healing spring water, and thus even out your energy field. Guided hikes along these routes are also possible.

The Kobarid Historical Trail

43138444_m The Kobarid historical trail is an almost obligatory "tour" for all visitors, connecting historic monuments with natural sights:
  • Kobarid Museum,
  • Italian Ossuary,
  • Tonoco castle
  • The remains of the First World War,
  • Napoleon Bridge
  • Cheese Museum From Planina to Planika
  • Soča,
  • Kozjak Waterfall
The trip, along with sightseeing, lasts about 3 hours and the distance is 5 kilometres. On this journey, you will return to the past from antiquity and up to the 1st World War, and give your legs a good stretch. You can go on the trip yourself, or you can organize a guided tour with a guide.