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In addition to all the natural beauties of Tolmin and its surroundings, gourmets will also find a lot for themselves here. There are many culinary delicacies on offer in the city itself and the surrounding area.

Tolmin and its surroundings offer several good guesthouses, pizzerias and tourist farms, which we will happily direct you to at the reception of the hostel Hildegarden.

Zatolmin restaurant at the beginning of the village Zatolmin

The Zatolmin restaurant is something that we definitely recommend to every visitor. In addition to an invaluable view of the mountains in the surrounding area during the meal, this restaurant offers you exceptionally tastefully prepared fish and meat dishes, as well as desserts. The guesthouse is located at the beginning of the village Zatolmin, near the famous Tolmin Gorge, where you can relax completely and connect with nature, and the city noise will surely not disturb you here. The Zatolmin restaurant is also an ideal choice for closed companies, whether it is a business meeting or a family celebration.

Okrepčevalnica Tolminska korita

At the lowest entrance point to the Triglav National Park, there are picturesque Tolmin Gorges. The eatery is located at the entrance to the gorges, and guests are offered a selection of choice culinary delights. On their menu you will find traditional dishes from Tolmin and its surroundings, fish, grilled dishes and the rest.

Guesthouse Labrca

The restaurant is located within the sports and recreational centre of Labrca, right next to the river Soča. Every guest who visits them will certainly not leave either hungry or thirsty. They offer you a varied choice of salads, traditional dishes, classic fast food, and also prepare children's menus for the youngest guests.

Summer garden Pr'Jakču

The restaurant is located in the very heart of the unspoiled nature, in a small village at the beginning of the Triglav National Park, called Zadlaz-Žabče. People who have already visited say that every kilometre of the trip is worth it for the invaluable view. They are also famous for their excellent cuisine, which satisfies even the most demanding gourmet.

Pizzeria Jezero

The Pizzeria is located in Most na Soči and is famous for its excellent pizzas far and wide.

Restaurant Topli val

For more demanding tastes, Topli val is an ideal choice, since, as a member of the Kobarid gastronomic circle, the restaurant consistently maintains its reputation. It is a restaurant with a tradition that has always been famous for its excellent fresh seafood.