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7850827_m The fans of wild waters will certainly find what they seek here, because Soča is one of the most desirable destinations in Europe for many adrenaline "addicts". Among kayakers, however, this is the most popular destination. Why? Because it offers kayaking adventures for experienced kayakers as well as for beginners who are only starting out in this sport. For kayaking, there are also experienced and trained guides. A downhill for larger groups, such as school trips, official team building and the like, is also possible.

Rafting on the Soča River

Rafting on the Soča River is a unique experience for all generations. The emerald river with many rapids offers an adrenaline packed experience and enjoyment of the beauty of nature. The main exit station for rafting is Trnovo ob Soči. In rafting, previous knowledge is not necessary, therefore it is suitable for everyone. Downhills are organized by sports agencies, which provide everything you need - from equipment to the guide, so you do not need to worry about anything.


The beautiful landscape in the valley of the Soča river offers visitors a wide array of hiking trails. Attention, on these trails you will have fun and discover the many beauties of our land! Here you can see the natural troughs, springs, lakes, waterfalls and other sights. However, the Soča valley is also known as the starting point for more demanding mountain tours, where there are also mountain cottages that offer accommodation and refreshments.
Through the valley, as well as over the peaks above it, important distance hiking or connecting trails are located:
  • Slovenian Mountain Hiking Trail;
  • Via Alpina;
  • European Footpath E7 (crosses the valley from Nadiža across to Baška grapa);
  • Alpe Adria Trail (connects Grossglockner and the sea through the valley).

In this area, there are also many themed and round trip paths where visitors learn about the heritage of our land. Regardless of whether you are a fan of mountain hiking, or if you prefer a day-trip around the local forests and ravines, the Soča river valley is the place to relax your body and mind.


In addition to many other recreational opportunities and ways to get to know the beauty of Tolmin, the cyclists will also come into their own here - both professional and recreational! The diversity of the terrain of Soča Valley, which is located at the junction of the Alpine, Dinaric and Mediterranean world, and numerous mountain roads, cart ways and forest paths, offer you unlimited possibilities and real challenges for cycling. If such routes are too demanding for you, nothing is lost! For you, there are less challenging paths along the roads between the villages in the valley - no worries, nature is no less beautiful and magical along those!

River bob

A very interesting experience is the descent down the Soča river and its waves and rapids, with a river bob, also known as hydrospeed. It is the most authentic experience on the rapids of the Soča River, where you can feel how it is swim over the emerald waves with nothing but flippers and a large plastic float.

Fishing on the Soča River

The Soča River, also known as the fishing Eldorado, is a true paradise for lovers of fishing. On its white slopes, fly-fishers perform the tournament duels, with the famous Soča trout, called glavatica.


Rowing on rowing boards, otherwise known as SUP-ing, is also more and more popular. In the valley of the Soča River, you can experience exciting SUP-ing  in the waves or peaceful rowing along the lake.

Tandem flights

Many people liven up their holidays in the Soča valley with tandem flights with a parachute or a hang glider. Due to the steep slopes of the mountains, exceptional thermals, and unforgettable, breathtaking panoramic views, gliding over the Julian Alps is all the more popular. In this area, the most famous take off points are Stol and Kobalo. From the airport in Bovec, you can climb up into the heights with a glider plane, see north-west Slovenia from a panoramic flight, and those boldest can land on their own feet, with a parachute on the back, of course.


Have you heard about canyoning? Perhaps you have come across the term before? This is a descent into the unspoiled tributaries of rivers or to river gorges and troughs, some say that when canyoning, you can see the area from a frog's perspective. It's an attractive sports adventure that you simply need to experience. The canyoning takes place under the guidance of guides on the streams Pršjak and Sušec.

Zipline Bovec

For all adrenaline enthusiasts, Bovec has the largest zipline park in Europe, which offers more than two hours of adrenaline laden descents and entertainment overlooking the breathtaking Bovec basin. This is certainly something you need to try.

Natural swimming areas

60814084_m In the area, river banks are full in the summer months, as bathers are simply enthusiastic about the cleanliness of the water and the tranquillity of the surroundings. The most popular and famous natural swimming areas are located at:
  • the Nadiža River (Napoleon Bridge, Robič, Logje and Podbela);
  • the Soča river (gravel beaches all the way from Tolmin to Kobarid);
  • along the Idrijca River (Bača pri Modreju and Slap ob Idrijci).