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A pleasant family hostel, which accepts each guest as a member of the family, originated from a family house, which was formerly occupied by grandmother Hilda. We could say that this hostel is connected with tradition and history, because people who needed accommodation were always welcome in our country. The family house, then with grandmother Hilda at the helm, was a proper little paradise full of experiences, both for children and adults.

Since we wanted this homeliness, playfulness and hospitality of our grandmother preserved, we decided to arrange accommodation in her house for guests who want a carefree vacation in the embrace of nature and tradition. Every guest is accepted with open arms and smiles, because the well-being of our guests comes first here!

Enjoying your vacation in the beautiful valley of the Soča River is a great choice for individuals and families, and also for sports and adrenaline enthusiasts. Of course, we did not forget your four-legged friends, which are more than welcome here!

Hildegarden hostel is synonymous with homeliness and well-being, and we will be happy to spend our holidays with you!